Gifted Hands 20th Anniversary Edition - Ben Carson, M.D.

Gifted Hands 20th Anniversary Edition

By Ben Carson, M.D.

  • Release Date: 2011-04-19
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 310 Ratings


In 1987, Dr. Benjamin Carson gained worldwide recognition for his part in the first successful separation of Siamese twins joined at the back of the head. Carson pioneered again in a rare procedure known as a hemispherectomy, giving children without hope a second chance at life through a daring operation in which he literally removes one half of their brain. Such breakthroughs aren’t unusual for Ben Carson. He’s been beating the odds since he was a child. Raised in inner-city Detroit by a mother with a third grade education, Ben lacked motivation. He had terrible grades. And a pathological temper threatened to put him in jail. But Sonya Carson convinced her son he could make something of his life, even though everything around him said otherwise. Trust in God, a relentless belief in his own capabilities, and sheer determination catapulted Ben from failing grades to the directorship of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Gifted Hands takes you into the operating room to witness surgeries that made headlines around the world—and into the private mind of a compassionate, God-fearing physician who lives to help others.


  • Inspiring

    By Tman901
    This book is a a major source of inspiration. I read the book for the first time during my senior year of high school; loved it then and I love it now. Dr. Ben Carson is a role model for all.
  • About the Ben Carson book

    By Fran202
    This book was really interesting and fun to read.
  • Think Big

    By Chrys_Brown
    Dr. Ben Carson is a very inspirational individual with an amazing story of success through adversity. If you believe you can achieve!
  • Amazing!!!!

    By Sodapop:-)
    This book is so touching and really motivates me to become successful.
  • Ben Carson is a HYPOCRITE!

    By Alakhras
    @RealBenCarson hypocrite! Just tried to return Gifted Hands. Islamophobe #BenCarson u r a disgrace to American values. Musims have been great contributers to OUR country. You will NEVER represent me, America is better to elect you...
  • Excellent

    By Swegger
    This was a phenomenal read! Very succinct and captivating, I picked it up and didn't stop reading until the very last page. Dr. Carson's story is motivating and humbling--someone we can all learn from.
  • Chacha Vega

    By Chacha V 49
    "Gifted Hands" should be recommended reading for young teens and above.
  • Gifted hands

    By NickBulls86
    This book is the most inspiring page turner I have ever read read it and you will never forget it.
  • Absolutely great

    By oroszarnold
    I watched the moovie first when I heard about Dr. Ben Carson, then I felt I must read the book too. His story is just incredible, and for me was inspirational. It just helped me to get motivated and gave me the stength to go through anything, whatever will happen. Respect for Dr. Carson, the man who was not afraid to follow his dreams and to do something for them. The most important is to be who you want to be , not who the society want you to be.
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    By cutetiger1987
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