Legends of the Iron Game - Volume One - Bill Pearl, George Coates, Tuesday Coates & Richard Thornley Jr.

Legends of the Iron Game - Volume One

By Bill Pearl, George Coates, Tuesday Coates & Richard Thornley Jr.

  • Release Date: 2012-11-28
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


A fascinating look at the world of strength training, from its roots in ancient times, to the movers and shakers of the physical culture world up to the 1950s. Teeming with photographs and illustrations, it's all here: strongmen and women of vaudeville; Sandow, bodybuilding's first superstar; Charles Atlas who introduced more beginners to bodybuilding than anyone before him; 'Milo' Steinborn; the great John Grimek; Jack and Elaine LaLanne whose physical fitness television show was shown in all corners of the world; and dozens of others many of whom became household names. Some of their lives read like works of fiction and will hold the reader spellbound.

Table of Contents for Volume One
Thomas Topham
Johann Gutsmuths
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn
Hippoyte Antonie Triat
Archibald MacLaren
Angus MacAskill
Donald Dinnie
Professor Louis Attila
Richard Kyle Fox
Martin Burns
Louis Cyr
Eugen Sandow
Edmond Desbonnet
Bernarr Macfadden
John Grunn Marx
Al Treloar
Alan Calvert
Bobby Pandour
Warren Lincoln Travis
The 'Saxon Trio'
George Hackenschmidt
Lionel Strongfort
Monte Saldo
Otto Arco
Thomas Inch
Karl Swoboda
Edward Aston
Katie Sandwina
Earle Liederman
Bill Pullum
Ottley Russell Coulter
Hermann Goerner
George F. Jowett
Lillian Leitzel
Charles Atlas
Karl Norberg
The 'Mighty Atom'
Henry ‘Milo’ Steinborn
Bob Hoffman
David P. Willoughby
Joe Bonomo
'Sig' Klein
Charles Rigoulot
Joseph 'Joe' Rollino
Tony Sansone
Bert Goodrich
Peary and Mabel Rader
Ian 'Mac' Batchelor
John Grimek
Bob Peoples
Oscar Heidenstam
Vic and Armand Tanny
Charles A. Smith
Sam and Joe Loprinzi
Walt Marcy
Jack LaLanne